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Whether you call it alternative medicine or a complementary therapy or even natural health care, Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services takes your health and well being seriously. We offer clients an non invasive solution to issues that the medical profession may say require surgery or pharmaceutical interventions. For some people that would be a last resort and for others it is a method that they want to work in tandem with treatments like osteopathy and homeopathy. No matter what your preference, we offer a customized treatment and prevention planning that focuses on you taking charge of your health and well being. Our practitioners have decades of experience as well as formal training an in many cases work hand in hand with medical professionals to ensure that clients are receiving the best possible care for illness and prevention.

Reflexology, acupuncture and osteopathy are just a few of the health services we provide that are well documented as successful illness and prevention interventions to increase health and well being. Your health is vital for a high quality of life and taking control of your health is critical. We provide careful evaluation of by conducting an assessment of your lifestyle, food habits, exercise and emotional state to determine the best course of action that is appropriate for your particular needs. As the best chiropractic clinic in southern Oregon, we are a trusted facility that has served countless clients. Your healthcare is our priority and as such our chiropractic clinic stays open late to accommodate the schedule of a wide variety of patients.