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There are a variety of reasons people want and use acupuncture, whether it’ to stop smoking or to treat infertility or insomnia, it has a wealth of well proven benefits and as a practice it is centuries old. Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services acupuncturist has helped a multitude of clients throughout the southern Oregon region, improving the quality of their lives in non invasive non pharmaceutical treatment plans. Many patients today want to concentrate on their health and well being without the surgery and prescription drugs and for a great many this is possible when you find the right professional acupuncturist. Our team has a long time presence in the region and we take our practice seriously.

Professional Expertise

Acupuncture is a centuries old part of Chinese medicine that is well documented and well proven as a non-invasive treatment for a variety of ailments. Our professional expertise in this method of treatment is unmatched in the southern Oregon area and we take great pride in our training as licensed, accredited and insured practitioners. As a practice, acupuncture is now part of mainstream consciousness and choosing the right acupuncturist is vital for your treatment. Every practitioner in our practice has a high degree of knowledge and skill in this procedure and we understand the how confusing treatment planning may be for newcomers so we take a one to one approach and evaluate each patient before creating a customized treatment plan.

Non Invasive Treatment

Surgery is just not an option for some people and neither is taking endless pharmaceuticals that have their own side effects. But Acupuncture is also often considered an excellent strategy for patients who wish to work in tandem with a medical doctor to compliment their treatments. Because it is a non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects there are few people who cannot take this holistic approach to healing and well being. We can often get to the root of an ailment and treat it without unpleasant side effect and recovery time, which a great many people find appealing in addition to acupunctures high success rate for treating ailments. Our acupuncturists are widely known in the region as part of the best chiropractic center in Salem and Williamette, Oregon area.

Eliminates Pain and Sleep Problems

All of us, at one time or another, deal with stress and pain and perhaps have even suffered from sleep problems. Issues like sickness and depression can rule your life if left untreated and can significantly diminish the quality of your life and your ability to connect with friends and family. Even your employment status can be affected or your ability to attend school. With our serious of treatment plans that are customized to meet your individual needs we are able to help you elimnate pain and sleep problems in order to restore your health and well being. We understand that life and health is not always smooth, but with our acupuncture regime we can get you back on track to enjoying life again.

Why Hire Us

As a Fully licensed, accredited and insured acupuncture practitioners in southern Oregon we take your health and well being seriously. We encourage patients to take charge of their health by asking us questions and becoming well informed about treatment planning. We customize our approach so that your unique needs are successfully addressed.