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We are very accessible as a chiropractic clinic. Clients are able to reach us easily by calling our offices or sending a message via email. We also have an online chat service to speak with practitioners should you have any queries about your care or scheduled appointments. As an office we value high quality customer service and we realize patients to do have time to waste on poor scheduling. This is why we are able to provide you with unique customized services and evaluations. As part of our preliminary appointments with clients we schedule assessments that can often take up to two hours so we value clear communication with everyone. Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services is renown in the southern Oregon region as the best chiropractor in Salem as well as Williamette Valley and as such we take pride in our relationship with patients so that they have a clear understanding of what they can expect from their treatment and healthcare provision from our chiropractic center.

Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services values customer services and patient care and confidentiality. When you contact us, you have the confidence of knowing that your health is in good hands. Countless clients with us have a take charge attitude about their health and we welcome dialogue and enquiries so that you are clear about your health goals and treatment and prevention planning. This is why we are available by phone as well as via our online chat services. Contact us today and take charge of your health for a better tomorrow.