Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services - Osteopathy 2

If you are seeking a form of non invasive manual therapy, oseteopathy has a long and well proven history of success in solving and improving health issues by manipulating a patients joints and muscles. Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services is the best chiropractor in Southern Oregon and we have worked with countless patients who have seen significant improvement in the body’s functioning with osteopathy therapy that affects’ the circulation system as well as the nervous system and lymphatic system. It is a non medicinal form of therapy that can improve your well-being, which our therapists have been conducting for decades in the Salem and Willamette region.

Professional Expertise

Our practitioners are accredited by the American Osteopathic Association and they are licensed to practice osteopathy. As a patient in our Oregon chiropractic center, you can expect to receive a full examination and be Each client is assessed to provide unique and customized treatment plans. Some of this assessment will include determining a patient’s ability to move and stretch as well as any limitations. As long time professionals in osteopathy, we take our work with patients seriously and we take a do no harm approach to treating patients so you can feel assured that our Oregon chiropractic center will never proposal treatments or solutions that do not promote a better quality of life and health to your joints, muscles and ligaments. As highly trained professionals we take our practice seriously as well as the improvement of your overall health.

Difference Between Chiropractor and Osteopathy

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between the work of a chiropractor and an osteopathy practice. Where chiropractors look at specific areas of the body, mainly the spine and joints the work of an osteopathic practitioner looks at your entire body and how it works as whole so that we can intervene in problems area to improve your overall health and wellness. There is a holistic or wholeness approach to osteopathy, rather than spinal adjustments to joints and the spine. This often means that people who have digestive or respiratory problems will want to visit us for solutions as well as patients who have issues that could be addressed with the help of a chiropractor such as sports injuries, muscle pain and joint pain.

Solving a Variety of Ailments

Because osteopathy is similar in nature to chiropractic interventions, you have the advantage of being in our office with staff that are part of the best chiropractor in the Salem area. We take a broad approach to healing and well being that is unmatched by any other practitioner in the Saleman and Williamette area. Our treatments are gentle and countless clients use our facility on a routine basis to gain relief. We are able to solve a variety of ailments through non-invasive and customized treatment plans that benefit your entire body. Over time you will see an improvement in the way you feel and move through life.

Why Hire Us

No one should ever have to needlessly endure pain and medication should not be your only option for minimizing or even getting rid of it. As a practice we are concentrated on holistic health and well being and we take our calling to assist clients seriously. Invasive surgical procedures are not always the solution to internal problems.