Physical Therapy

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Many of us are familiar with the concept of physical therapy, likely when hearing that a friend of family member experienced an accident at work or from some type of vehicular trauma. You likely already know its popularity as a tool in that regard and Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services has helped countless patients who have suffered pain from these circumstances, but we also treat clients who want to improve their movement and learn lifestyle and exercise movements that change and improve their overall health and mobility. This approach has the ability to minimize the need for invasive medical interventions such as surgery.

Professional Expertise

Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services uses a customized approach to helping clients that is based on our years of professional expertise and training. We provide hands-on assistance and education to clients to improve their quality of life. We believe that both movement and education about lifestyle changes and exercise are valuable tools in physical therapy treatment programming. Because of our long time experience we often work in tandem with primary care physicians to manage pain and create prescribed exercises for patients to maximize their recovery of muscle and joint movement. After our careful one to one evaluation, clients receive a customized plan of action that details their diagnosis and the goals we will reach together to improve your performance in normal activities of your daily life.

Avoid Surgery

One of our main goals as chiropractors in Salem and Willamette Valley areas is equip clients with the ability and option to avoid surgery. We understand that many would prefer never to receive invasive medical interventions or they may require physical therapy to make them stronger should such an event occur. This often means clients see a faster recovery time after surgeries when they undergo physical therapy as a prophylaxis or prevention method. When you have issues with your knees, back, arms from poor muscle tone and misalignments and if you are experiencing pain and trouble moving and standing, physical therapy is a well proven method for increasing your ability to stretch and move. We also educate clients on proper movements when they are using assistance equipment such as canes, wheelchairs and crutches and other orthopedic equipment.

Minimize Use of Pain Medication

We are living in a generation that has more access to medications than ever before. Opioid addition is a reality for many of our family members and friends and some of it has occurred due to pain management during injuries. Physical therapy can help you minimize the need for pain medication and help you create a better recovery program after accidents and surgeries so that you spend less time using pain medications that are potentially addictive. The Center for Disease Control has recommended medical practitioners work more in tandem with physical therapist to reduce patient reliance on opioids to reduce the risk of addiction. As the best chiropractor practice in southern Oregon, we are well known for our customized physical therapy plans that can minimize the need for pain medication.

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As professional chiropractic center in Oregon we improve the quality of life of countless clients through customized exercise and education programming teaching people how to move and stretch. You will find our chiropractor open late and we take prepayment plans to make our services widely accessible for more clients.