Spinal Adjustments and Chiropractic Services - Reflexology 2

Imagine your body is like a giant map of pressure points and every point has a purpose and is connected to an organ or system of your body. If you’re stressed our or you have a painful muscle, there are specific pressure points that a trained massage therapist can touch to alleviate those problems. Reflexology massage is in the pantheon of traditional Chinese medicine but has become a popular mainstream solution alternative to medications and surgical interventions to reduce pain and the effects of stress and other ailments. As the best chiropractor in Southern Oregon, we have a full range of well proven solutions to treat muscle pain.

Stimulate Nerve Functions

Our bodies have approximately 95 to 100 billion nerve cells and each one is intended to make you feel and react to stimuli an experienced reflexology has learned where many of your nerves are connected to your hands, feet, and ears because in those areas it is possible to re-balance your body to function normally when you are stressed or feeling ill. These neuropathy way can be stimulated to improve how your feel, lifting your mood from depression. It can alleviate muscle pain and in some patients there have been reports of improving issues like digestion and arthritis. Your energy level and your circulation are vital to improving and restoring how much better you feel and stimulation of the nervous system through reflexology is a good strategy.

Professional Expertise

Our health practitioners have years of formal and practical study to perform reflexology in our Oregon chiropractic center. Though the study of pressure points is deeply rooted in Chinese medicine, the invention of reflexology is widely contested and many doctors and scientists have contributed to its practice throughout generations of European and American health history. However, it is widely accepted that Dr William Fitzgerald re-introduced it as a form of pressure therapy for curing a number of ailments through points on your feet. It is this form of reflexology that modern practitioners have adapted.

Increase Relaxation

Millions of people in our country are overworked, highly stressed and suffering depression and illness. It’s easy to make suggestions that we all just relax, but it’s harder to actually do it when you’re in the middle of a stressful event. Those events can even last for days, weeks and years to the point when you don’t remember the last time you were calm, peaceful and relaxed. The practice reflexology is deeply rooted in opening pathways to a state of relaxation. For many of us this is the perfect reason why is should be incorporated regularly in our health routines. We are able to stimulate your pressure points to bring you to a state of peaceful relaxation that you can enjoy life again.

Why Hire Us

Over time stress can cause illness and even prove fatal for people who do not learn to the skills to manage it. With our reflexology techniques, we can help you build strategies for minimizing the effects of stress and tension in your life, sooth muscle pains and open a new pathway for relaxation that can increase your quality of life.